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Naked Massage4u2nite




I am Jaz and this is my friend Holly. we love doing naked massages to make some extra $$.


*No, we are not licensed but basically we are doing this as a favor. Just like mowing the next door neighboors lawn and the next door neighboor pays you of course.


*We are charging $160 an hour AS A SUNDAY SPECIAL (also rates DO vary depending on how many kinks you have..etc, The $160 includes the happy ending but the bottom line price for 1 hour is $160((like i said w/the happy ending)) so if you want more, just bring extra money and we will work it out.)


***************Please DO NOT ASK FOR NAKED PICTURES TO SEE IF YOU’RE “getting your moneys worth”.*************************** As you can see we are hott. I have sent naked pictures in the past just to have the assholes NOT show up. I am so tired of that. I have over 200 text messages and only 2 people were serious enough to come through. Please do not do this … this wastes my time and time is money. ~~~~I have spent more time answering questions about how i look naked and sending pictures than I actually have clients.********** I spend all day texting people. So please for the love of God do not text me unless you are for sure coming through.


*******************************ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED IS RIGHT HERE IN THIS AD.***************************************


sso please just read it throughly and it will answer all your questions. Yes, there is a happy ending and that’s all you need to know.

I come with a smile and you CUM with a smile. txt the number below


*You can either choose one of us of both of us

For both of us is $300

and just one of us is $160.


*and I am so serious when I say PLEASE DO NOT TEXT ME IF YOU’RE NOT INTERESTED IN THE NAKED MASSAGE WITH A HAPPY ENDING. No, we are not looking for anything serious…just a naked massage w/a happy ending ALSO w/NSA.


*Thanks for taking to time to read and Jaz and Holly look forward to hearing from you soon!!!!!!





Price: $160